8020 wines THE selection

8020 wines THE selection

Since 2000 I have been selling wine in the Milton Keynes area either through my website www.wineman.co.uk or through organised tastings in restaurants I supply or occasionally at peoples houses.

In this time I have seen many wines come and go, some have been amazing and some not so wonderful. One thing that stood out was that a certain selection of wines always sold well. In true Pareto fashion it turned out that from the 700 or so wines I had online only around 100 would regularly sell and of that magical 100 only around 20 would sell on a regular basis.

The vintage didn’t matter, the label wasn’t important, the price was irrelevant, and no one knew anything about the brand. It was what was inside the bottle that kept people coming back for more. It was like a magic potion that once you had tried the wine it had you hooked.

People would tell me stories about how they brought their favourite wines to a friends house and how they too had become raving fans of that wine. They would keep the bottles for special occasions only for happy Friday to come along every weekend and that became their occasion.

I took note of this and realised it was the Pareto principle at it’s best. The Pareto principle stated briefly says that 20% of anything is what you will always go back to. You will only wear 20% of your clothes on a regular basis or 80% of the time. You will eat the same meals 80% of the time. You will buy the same wines 80% of the time and they will only be 20% of what is available.

I tested things by pouring the same wine from a different bottle but still they knew the wine they loved.

So I thought why clutter up a site with wines that are not wanted. Why bother promoting wines that might be amazing but no one wants for whatever reason. Why not focus on what people want and give them that at the best possible price. Eliminate all the fluff and confusion around wine and truly deliver what the people want.

But there are no Bordeaux, no Gewurtztraminer, no Chablis 1er Cru…..I can hear it now those 20% of people who want a wine that never sells or they rarely buy. If you want wines like this there are hundreds of sites and shops that sell those wines and my other website wineman.co.uk does just that.

But if you want the best, if you really, really want what has been tried and tested so you can see what all this is about then go for a tester case or two and make your own mind up.

Wineman was created to showcase the best wines I have sold and tasted over the last 15 years in the trade.

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