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The Dona Paula Estate Wine selection

Launched at the tail end of one century, Dona Paula wines has become a leader in the next. Dona Paula is a renowned winery in Mendoza’s high altitude foothills of the Andes Mountain. It is a critically acclaimed and award winning operation, standing out from the competition for a superior concentration, sophistication, complexity, aromatic intensity and New World style. Dona Paula Estate Wines are regarded as some of the finest in Argentina and with good reason.

Recent News

As recently as December 2015, the Dona Paula Estate was turned to for its expertise. They were at the 2nd Argentine Terroir Workshop, held in Brazil. Dona Paula was the host of a workshop for international guests, educating them on the development of a palate based on Argentine and unique Dona Paula terroirs, to demonstrate geographical characteristics, to show the influences of altitude, latitude and soils, and to pass on a base knowledge that contributes to Argentine wine’s position among those of the world.

Best of the Best

One of the estate’s most recognized vine transplants is the Malbec. It’s a late-ripening and hardy grape, and a testament to the manufacturer’s ability to bred a wondrous line of tastes. The Dona Paula Estate Malbec has been called a drink that deserves no less than a medium rare steak or a roomful of your closest friends. Over the last two decades, the Malbec has been consistently awarded by the likes of Descorchados, Tony Aspler and Tim Atkin.

Dona Paula Estate Malbec

Dona Paula Estate Malbec

The El Alto Parcel brings with it an intense and spicy aroma alongside fresh camphor and mint nuances. Complex and concentrated, it has a long cellar life but, whenever uncorked, will manage its persistent finish. It has an intense violet hue and sophisticated austere that works perfectly with lean cut, delicate pork tenderloin or for a quiet reflective moment on the patio with a Padron 3000 Maduro.

The Sauvage Blanc is born on the Dona Paula Estate at about 1,000 meters above sea level through deep irrigation processes and sustainable practices. You’ll note sensual orange blossom, white peach and grapefruit aromas with a subtle, albeit bracing, tinge of mint. The taste will be fresh, lively and persistent. The Dona Paula Estate itself suggests the Sauvage Blanc be tested alongside a Fueguine spider crab risotto with passion fruit. We suggest the same, but make sure there’s someone on the other end of the table to click glasses with.

If you want elegance and true flavour in your tastes, the Dona Paula Estate always brings out the best.

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