How To Choose The Perfect Valentines Day Wine

How To Choose The Perfect Valentines Day Wine

THE 14 AMAZING wines your Valentine will LOVE you for buying for them!

Wine is the juice of love or so the Roman and Greek gods would have you believe. The trouble is we often don’t know what makes the best wine to buy on Valentines Day for our partners, wives, husbands, girlfriends….you get the idea.

Yes, you could spend weeks or months searching for that wine you had on your wedding day 5 years ago or that elusive bottle which you had on honeymoon. You know, the one where you keep saying if only they sold this wine in the UK, the grower would make a fortune.

The trouble is that the vintage you had would be long sold out and that wine from Italy/Greece/France is probably only from a tiny grower who sells just to that restaurant and you have 0 chance of ever getting it again.

So what do you do…….you know your partners likes, full bodied red, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc……and many other wines but how do you WOW them with the perfect gift.

After all who wants an Aldi or Tesco finest wine, where is the thought in that?

You need a wine with the WOW factor and here is my list of the best Valentines wines for Men and Women and hopefully you will be able to find your ideal gift from this list and buy with confidence.

Women first as i’m a bloke and I like to surprise my wife……i’ll also give you a few great tips on how to surprise your lady when she least expects it so you get major brownie points not just on Valentines day but for the whole of 2017.

Try to remember what she drinks with friends and what she gushes over when you are out. Often women will drink what their friends want even though they may not actually want it just to be nice to their friends. This is not a criticism is merely an observation as women tend to want to be nice to everyone.

Just watch them at a coffee shop where the bill is divided equally to the exact penny so no one gets offended and no one is short changed. I often observe women who never drink sparkling wine happily join in when a bottle of Prosecco is purchased and shared.

This nightmare scenario can get worse and I’ll explain more…… Do you buy the flashy label, by price, because it’s on offer or because it looks pretty to you. You want to buy a good bottle but as you haven’t got a clue about White Wines, Sparkling wines or Rose Wines you are stuck before you have even started.

Anyway enough of that, before I get into trouble here are my top 7 wines for the ladies

Prosecco – The best selling fizz in the UK at the moment. But there is Prosecco and there is real Prosecco. If you buy a Frizzante Prosecco it will go fizz at first as it is opened and then the fizz rapidly disappears and you are left with a white wine with a little spritz, hardly the sparkling WOW wine you wanted to give. So my choices would be as follows,

Fili Prosecco – It looks great in the fetching blue bottle and it’s also a bloody good example.

Carpene Malvolti Prosecco Conegliano – The original Prosecco created in 1868 and still regarded as the best. Yes it’s a little more expensive but think of it this way. If you were to buy just a 125ml glass of Prosecco in your local pub or restaurant it would cost you £7.50 – £9.00 a glass so don’t be cheap. Get something memorable and she will love you for it.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – I recommend always going for the Marlborough region as the best examples come from there in my opinion.
If your lady is called Clair, Clare or Claire then you need to buy the Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc for obvious reasons. It’s simply fantastic, full of flavours of Lychee, Guava, Grapefruit, Lemons, Limes and Passion Fruit. You can’t go wrong. If her name is Mary, Julie or anything else just say that you think she is a Saint and you will get brownie points anyway.

If you want to have some fun go for the Tin Pot Hut Sauvignon Blanc for it’s whacky name and the fact that it’s bloody lovely. Similar but different to the Saint Clair Sauvignon in that this wine has more herbaceous characters which gives it a slightly spicy characteristic.

Metal Label Vermentino from Bon Berton in Australia – This hits the flashy label and the great value requirements. This wine has a beautiful pewter label, mix that with tropical fruits flavours that are sooooo moorish and she will melt into your arms.






Lets say your lady likes reds here are my recommendations

Il Pumo Primitivo from Puglia – Silky soft like French Knickers in terms of the tannins! The wine is full bodied yet surprisingly light, a bit of an oxymoron for wine but Primitivo has the ability to produce high alcohol wines that are smooth and soft and great with a heart shaped Pizza!

If it’s Passion you want then you must splash out on the Andeluna Pasionado range – They have the following wines available in this range. Malbec, Pasionado Cuatro Cepas (4 grapes) and Pasionado Cabernet Franc. Each wine is in a big heavy bottle and can be kept for many years if you want to or can be drunk right away. This selection is a bit of a WIN WIN as many blokes love full bodied wines so you can share it with her and a lovely juicy steak and who knows where things will lead to……

A quick sneaky one if you have a girlfriend as well as a wife or partner……..

The Cruel Mistress Pinot Noir from Larry Cherubino in Australia. She will see the funny point….I hope. It’s a Pinot Noir and Pinot is known as a cruel mistress. It always needs attention, is difficult to handle and you never know what you will get each year.

Now onto wines for the blokes for all you ladies out there who are about to rant at me!

Most blokes are easy to buy for. They generally like full bodied red wines to go with their steak, cheese, pizza, beer etc. But you can trip yourself up in just buying any old wine so a little thought is needed and here are my recommendations.

The Black Shiraz from Bob Berton in Australia – This satisfies your quest for a flashy label as it has the same Pewter label that the Vermentino has AND is a spectacular wine with supreme value for money and taste.

Lirac Domain Cigalounes – with this wine you can display your new found knowledge and really impress him. Lirac is the appellation next to Chateauneuf du Pape in France. That well known region which produces some amazing wines but also some very ordinary wines that are just riding the Chateauneuf brand wave. This wine is different. It has high alcohol, lots of flavours and is silky smooth and year full bodied. Everyone I have ever sold this wine to has returned to buy cases of it!

Hey! Malbec from Matias Riccitelli in Argentina – There is Malbec and then there is MALBEC! Matias really knows how to make spectacular wines and mix this brilliant example with a funky label and he will melt into your arms.




Remember the Il Pumo Primitivo mentioned above….well it has big brother.

62 Anniversario Primitivo di Manduria – This is a big brooding beast of a wine but one that is soft and tender once opened (a bit like me really). The bottle is heavy and the wine is too but OMG he will love you to the moon and back if you buy this for him.



We blokes also like whites but often different whites to those the ladies like, so your job is to buy one that he will love but you also will enjoy.

Oveja Negra Sauvignon Blanc/Carmenere from Chile – This wine is a bit mad, a little like the growers. Over Negra means Black Sheep and they are off the wall when it comes to wine. In this the have blended a white grape and a red great to produce an amazing white wine. Astound him with this cheeky little number and you both get a WIN!

If you want to blow his mind with a white then get this stunner from Santorini.

Wild Ferment Assyrtiko from the Gaia Estate – This wine is like Chablis on steroids. Its made from vines that are an average of 80 years old and are ungrafted. What is all that you may ask and who cares. Well this little bug called Phylloxera has a habit of wiping out vineyards and ungrafted vines are practically impossible to find. Grafted vines are where they take a root stock that is resistant to this bug and tie it together with one that is not so resistant. This produces a brand new strain of grape. Don’t worry as almost all of the wines produced today are from grafted root stocks. Old vines produce wines with amazing quality but much less fruit so to get 80 year old vines still giving grapes you can be assured this wine will be the one!

We blokes also like Port and Port is not just for Christmas and here is my recommendation and the reason why I think you should buy this.

Barros Single Vintage Colheita Port 1996 – Colheita Port is made differently to other ports. It’s kept in oak casks until it’s ready to be bottled. Those casks lose 10-15% of their contents each year through natural evaporation and can only be topped up with the same vintage. This means the port inside is constantly being attacked by the air and rounded but the oak. Ultimately this results in a wine that is as dead as a dead thing…..but in a good way. It means that once opened the wine will not deteriorate so you can enjoy it for many months without any risk of it going off as it’s already dead in effect.

There are also many other wines available on my website and if you want some individual help in deciding which wine or wines to buy then just call or email me or 079415 63433.

Bonus Brownie Points for Blokes only (But the ladies can steal these too)

Get onto Bloom and Wild and send some blooming lovely flowers. Women love flowers and this great company will deliver then direct to her in the post and trust me she will love them. Set this up to send on an irregular basis and keep her happy for no reason.

Get a box of meals from Gousto and make dinner for her. The beauty of Gousto is that there is no waste, no shopping, no forgetting ingredients and no need to be a Michelin Chef. The instructions are easy to follow and the meals are fantastic.

Go into her underwear draw and find the size of her bra and knickers, go to M&S or another reputable retailer for lingerie. DON’T buy for you, as blokes we want black stuff and lingerie that fulfils our fantasies but women like pretty colours, lovely designs and comfort so get some help and be a love god.

Make a little box of promises, they don’t need to be massive ones. If you can find a small heart shaped box this will do. Then hand write 20 or so promises from giving her a pedicure to going away for the weekend. Make sure you deliver on these and don’t let her choose, have the element of surprise with each one. Make sure some are just for her and others are sharing surprises.

Book a weekend or night away. get a babysitter. It doesn’t have to be flash or expensive just somewhere you can go and be together.

Do that thing she has been nagging you about…….but do it when she hasn’t reminded you about it. Don’t mention it, just let her find out in her own time.

Tell her she looks amazing when she least expects it and MEAN IT! Don’t do this too often otherwise it gets expected but also don’t do it too little. It’s a tough one but when you look at her and think COR! She is HOT…..tell her. The simple act of saying “You look lovely today” goes along way and is one of the little things that women love and crave. AS long as it’s not cheesy and is meant in the right way.



Buy each other lots of wine from and never be short of great wine or ideas!

Best of luck and tweet, email or Facebook me with how it all went.

Remember to be cool like Fonzie in the comments section. These are all ideas I have used and whilst some people may think they are obvious and maybe even a bit cheesy other people will love them.

If they have worked for me they can work for others!

The wines are superb too……did I mention that?

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