Wine video reviews

Wine video reviews and why they are excellent

Wine reviews are great, the writer get the opportunity to waffle on about the in’s and out’s of a grape skin and bore us all senseless.

But wine video reviews are excellent as the presenter can’t waffle or else the viewer will just click off the video straight away. The video needs to be short and sweet and get to the point straight away. If the videos is longer than 90 seconds then the viewer is often getting bored and wants something more interesting.

Our favourite wine reviewers are Wineman and Gary Veynerchuck.


Wineman has been in the wine business for many years and has only recently started to film wine reviews. these are often very raw and pure and he talks about wines he likes as well as some epic rants about the wine industry.

Gary has been around for a long time and has hundreds of reviews of fantastic wines and has even gone onto become reborn as a presenter and business advisor to many industries.

If you look around Youtube you will find many different reviewers and they will often be doing the usual thing of sitting at a table with a few bottles and boring the living hell out of you. A perfect example of this is here. Watch how these two old guys almost bore each other into drink! This is a great example of how not to do wine reviews. Bear in mind this videos has been edited!

Sometimes wine reviews are best when you put the grower on the spot and give him 90 seconds to tell you all about his wine. Wineman like to do this at major tastings and often the reviews are superb with some real gold being spilled on the wine and the enthusiasm of the winemaker comes across straight away.

At other times the winemaker is happy to talk one on one but freezes when a camera is put in his face. These growers are happy in their comfort zone, they love to produce great wines but HATE being put on the spot and often struggle to converse with their prospects.

So what wines would you like reviewed? Leave a comment below and we will see what we can do. Don’t forget be cool like Fonzie and keep the comments nice!


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