Gavi di Gavi White Wine

Gavi wines from the sunny side of Piedmont

When you say Piedmont, you immediately think about great red wines made from Nebbiolo grape variety. Yet, Piedmont is a region where exquisite white wine are also produced, even if they are less known. One of the most (unfairly) underestimated white wine from Piedmont is Gavi, or Cortese di Gavi and the wine that is often known as Gavi di Gavi.

Gavi is small municipality in the southern part of Piedmont, in the province of Alessandria, not far from the border to Liguria (Gavi, indeed, is closer to Genoa than to Turin, and is also known as Gavi Ligure, because of this proximity), from which the wine takes its name, as it often happens with quality wines that are typical from a specific area.

Gavi and a few other municipalities in its surroundings are the only places were Gavi wine is allowed to be produced, according to the wine’s production guidelines, which were established in 1998, when the area was declared a DOCG.

Gavi wine must be made of 100% Cortese grapes, an autochthonous variety hailing from its area of production.

Because of its composition, Gavi wine is also known as Cortese di Gavi, but it’s just a synonym and wine contained in bottles labelled “Cortese di Gavi” is made with the same grape variety than the one contained in bottles simply labelled “Gavi”.

Just as any other wine region in the world, the area of Gavi has its wine-lords, too, and one of them is Michele Chiarlo: his Gavi Fornaci 2011 scored three shoots out of four on 2016 AIS wine guide, demonstrating that Cortese di Gavi is not just a wine meant to be consumed short after its production, as many still believe.

“Fossili”, on the other hand, is a Gavi wine produced by San Silvestro winery that represents Gavi wine in the world. This cellar focused on exporting its wines and nowadays its products are ironically more known overseas than in Italy.

Yet, San Silvestro Gavi del Cummune di Gavi Fossili is highly rated almost anywhere and equally carries the banner of the quality of wines produced in the area of Gavi.

San Silvestro Gavi Fossili

Gavi Fossili

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