62 Anniversario Primitivo di Manduria from San Marzano Wines

62 Anniversario Primitivo di Manduria

From San Marzano Wines

Selecting the right red wine to pair with your meals or simply to enjoy relaxing with at the end of the day is rarely easy to do. While there are many delectable wines to choose from, each is made from a different blend of ingredients, in different soil and climate conditions and using different processes. This gives each wine its own unique aroma and qualities that may make some more preferable for you than others. When you are searching for a red wine that is perfectly smooth with a robust flavor, the San Marzano Primitivo 62 Anniversario is a great option.

62 Anniversario Primitivo

The San Marzano Winery
The San Marzano Anniversario 62 was produced at the famous San Marzano Winery in the heart of southern Italy. The winery was established in 1962 through a cooperative effort that included 19 local growers. The effort has grown considerably over the years, and there are now more than 1,200 growers that work at this renowned and well-respected winery.

The winery is known for blending old traditions for growing grapes that have been passed down in Italian culture for generations with modern technology and biologically advanced plants. This approach has helped the San Marzano co-operative to produce a wide range of truly elegant wines.

The Anniversario 62
The San Marzano Primitivo di Manduria 62 Anniversario is considered to be one of the top wines that were produced recently in the region, and this acknowledgment is based in part on various honours that it has received. It has a deep, rich colour combined with an intense flavour.

The flavour stems in part from the use of Primitivo grapes, which are a very dark variety of grapes that produce tannic wines. The grapes are both sweet as well as slightly bitter, and this gives the wine an interesting combination of flavours that many find appealing.

When you are searching for a new wine to sample that carries all of the tradition of southern Italy, the Primitivo di Manduria 62 Anniversario is a wonderful option. You can find this wine sold at many stores throughout Europe, and you can also place a special order for it online.

To order single bottles go to Wineman.co.uk where there is no minimum order but you can also get some great case discount deals.

Many who have already tried the San Marzano Primitivo 62 Anniversario have decided to purchase several bottles or even a case of this award-winning wine. After you have sampled a bottle for yourself, you may decide to invest in several additional bottles to enjoy in the months to come.

San Marzano is a co-operative based in Puglia in the heel of Italy. They have a great selection of wines from this fantastic area and all are available at the links above.

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