Berton Vineyards Wines

Berton Vineyards Wines

– an overview

In 1996, a married couple purchased land in the scenic Barossa Valley in South Australia with the goal in mind of opening a superior winery. Bob Berton settled on land in the High Eden area that has beautiful, gently rolling hills and that sits approximately 450 meters above sea level. The location and the soil conditions are ideal for a vineyard. This is where Berton Wines were dreamt up and lovingly created.

While the early days of the winery were plagued with dry weather conditions and limited water, the vineyard now is known for producing some of the most exceptional wines in the region. In fact, the success of the winery was so significant that the couple joined forces with partners and expanded the facility significantly in 2005. In the process of expanding, they also improved their facility and enhanced their product line to better serve their customers.

The Varietals Available Today
Today, Berton Vineyards is one of the 20 largest wineries in the country. Its products are sold nationally as well as internationally and Berton Vineyards is included in a list of the top 17 wineries for branded sales in the country. There are several different options available from this grower, and these include red, white and rose wines, Reserve wines, Metal Label Range, Foundstone Range . Included in these groups are sauvignon blanc, viognier, vermentino, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir and others.

How to Try the Wines
There are several ways to sample Berton wines. One option is to visit the winery in person. The winery and tasting room are open to the public six days a week. The public is invited to stop by the winery to sample the wines without appointment or reservation, and there is no fee associated with tasting at the vineyard. Unless you happen to be in Australia this is an option most people won’t choose.

Another option is to order wines online and this is where we come in to help. you can order single bottle of Berton Vineyards Wines from and mix cases up.

If you love the wines so much that you want to buy cases then go to Wineman where you can get a great deal on all the wines.

Berton Vineyards continues to produce world-class wines for its customers to enjoy each year. If you have not yet sampled these wines, now is a great time to place an order online. Be sure to sample all of the varieties to find the ones that appeal to you.

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