Chateau Ksara Blanc de Blancs

Ksara Blanc De Blanc

from Chateau Ksara

Chateau Ksara Blanc de Blancs is a white wine produced in Lebanon. It’s 50 percent Sauvignon Blanc, 25 percent Semillon and 25 percent Chardonnay. While it’s produced in Lebanon, it’s available in many other markets around the world. Chateau Ksara makes three million bottles per year.

Chateau Ksara
Jesuit priests founded Chateau Ksara in 1857. The vineyards are located in the Bekaa Valley, which has an altitude of 1,000 meters. The valley has its own natural water table because of the run off from the mountain ranges nearby. The valley has a climate that sees heavy rain and snow in the winter as well as a dry, hot summer. The soil in the valley runs from chalk to clay as well as a combination of both types of soil.

In the last 10 years, Chateau Ksara has introduced new varieties of grapes into the vineyards. French oenologists pay close attention to the development and fermentation process of the grapes. The vines are cultivated on wires, which is something new for the techniques employed by the vineyard.

Chateau Ksara Blanc de Blancs

The grapes are picked in cases and pressed as whole grapes using a pneumatic system. The sedimentation and fermentation of the grapes are done at a low temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. The wine is sulphured at the end of the process to forbid malolactic fermentation.

Chateau Ksara’s white wine has won many awards in various competitions. The Chardonnay 2012 won a silver medal and the distinction of Best Buy in the Beverage Testing Institutes World Wine Championships in 2013. The Blanc de Blanc 2011 won a silver medal in the Sommelier Wine Awards in 2013 too. The 2010 Ksara Blanc de Blanc won a bronze medal in the 2011 International Wine Challenge as well.

The subtle blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Chardonnay in the Ksara Blanc de Blancs is aged for four months in oak, which gives it a slight hazelnut taste. It’s a blend of citrus like sour green apple as well as dried apricots. With the citrus tones, it’s got a delicate finish.

It can go well with light seafood like crab or lobster. It can also be paired with chicken dishes as well as a creamy risotto side. The crisp citrus can also go well with spicy dishes, which makes it a good pairing with Thai or Indian food. In fact, experts at the vineyard recommend chicken curry with cashews as the perfect pairing for this wine.

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