Don David Malbec Reserve

Don David Malbec Reserve

from Michel Torino Wines

Don David Malbec is made by Michel Torino Wines in Mendoza, Argentina. It is also known as El Esteco Don David Malbec but don’t get confused by the different names. In reality they are the same wine and just have different branding.

The picture below is two of the labels that this wine is known by in the UK.

Don David Malbec

This is a Malbec that has enjoyed massive success in the UK restaurant market for many years.

The use of oak in the production of this superb Malbec and the fact that the fruit is sourced from some of the highest vineyards in the world combine to produce a wine of great elegance and value. Don David Reserve Malbec really is one of the finest example of value wines in the UK wine market.

Michel Torino’s vineyards in Salta, Cafayate, are among the highest in the world; 1,700m above sea level, basking in splendid isolation surrounded by desert and breathtaking mountain scenery.

The vines get 350 days of sunshine, but at this altitude there is a consistent breeze to cool things down. This sunny but cool climate, combined with the rocky and sandy soil is an ideal environment for growing grapes.

From the 2006 vintage, their vineyards have been certified as totally organic, but Michel Torino chooses only to bottle four wines as organic. 

Don David Malbec Reserve has concentrated aromas of red fruit, spices and toasted notes from the oak. Rich and complex flavour with a very long and attractive aftertaste due to its round and full ripe tannins.

This makes it an ideal wine to have with spicy meat dishes. The current 2013 vintage has a little edge of rustic characters to it and we are enjoying it with wonderful Argentine steak!

This Malbec is best served at room temperature with grilled meats, stews, filled pasta and spicy meat dishes. Room temperature does not mean hot though as this can give the wine a stewed characteristic so to get the best leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes prior to drinking.

to buy a single bottle of this wine or treat yourself to a case of 6 or 12 bottles go to where you can buy all the range that Michel Torino sell in the UK.

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