Dona Paula Malbec

Dona Paula Estate Malbec

In the glass: Dona Paula Malbec presents as an intense amalgamation of deep, jewel-toned mulberry eggplant and a rich, vivid garnet red. During the pour, the liquid pools at the bottom of the glass, allowing the hues to deepen into a beautifully luscious midnight purple, with defining hints of red. Once settled, the color reflects its dense properties with a satiny jet black core, completely opaque, which slowly reveals its luxurious tones in a gradient that shows in an extravagant dark plumy rim. This surface clings lightly to the glass in a viscous manner.

Dona Paula Malbec

On the nose: Dark, pungent notes leap from the Dona Paula Malbec at first scent. A velvet black fruit character, reminiscent of mountain black cherries, mulled and sweetened with blueberries and blackberries also rises to create a complex blend of warm, delicious fruits. The blend is balanced and accented by earthy tones of bramble, licorice and pepper. The taster can also detect hints of spices such as Herbes de Provence, paired with the onyx features of mocha, dark chocolate and coffee. The sweetly spiced fruit elements coalesce to create an aroma that is deep and full of character, drawing you in and setting you up for more olfactory sensations.

On the palate: From the first taste, the Dona Paula Estate Malbec makes itself known with a powerful concentration of spiced, almost peppered plumy blackthorn fruits, kept in close companion with crushed black cherries, licorice-laced berries, as well as elements of black currant which provides a sweet, rich and spicy backbone for the wine.

It is starkly acidic, blending against the tongue while keeping the flavour alive against your palate. The acid creates an exquisite Mélange, working well with the fruity and tannin-rich body throughout the mid-palate, which balances and reinforces the already luxurious body to create a flavourful and pleasant experience for the imbiber.

The wine features a finish that blooms and then lingers for just under a half a minute, sticking appreciatively to the tongue to further deepen its strength of presence. Comforting hints of warm, toasted bread, creamy, dark coffee and star anise mix to create a pleasantly medicinal tone.

All of the flavours out within the wine as it slowly fades from the palate. The mouth sensations of the wine lend to soft, velvet textures, almost silky against the tongue and cheeks with a noticeable viscosity that adds character to the fresh and crisp blend.

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