Elysium Black Muscat from Andrew Quady

Elysium Black Muscat Dessert Wine

Elysium Black Muscat is one of the biggest selling dessert wine from the USA made by Andrew Quady. His vineyards in California produce many different wines from a mixture of grapes and he creates some lovely dessert wines. Andrew Quady doesn’t just make dessert wines though, he also makes superb Vermouth as well as Port Style dessert wines.

Elysium Black Muscat

Elysium Black Muscat

Andrew Quady’s change of career from making fireworks to making wine produced an explosion of its own kind when he created Essensia from the Orange Muscat grape (named because the grapes have an aroma reminiscent of orange blossom). It was an instant success at tastings and wine shows and until 1985 he could not make enough to satisfy demand.

Following the success of Essensia, Andy moved on to create Elysium from the Black Muscat grape, which is magenta in colour, with a haunting rose-like aroma.

Quady is the foremost American winery specialising entirely in dessert wines and continues to win medals worldwide.

In the production of Elysium the fermentation is halted by adding neutral grape brandy. This preserves the delicate aroma of the fresh, ripe grapes.

This results in a wine with a beautiful freshness and a gorgeous rich berry flavour. The delightful aroma of Elysium Black Muscat is one of rose petals and lychees and it is one that you will love.

This amazing dessert wine is best served chilled and is excellent when paired with desserts, chocolate, vanilla. Try it with cheese too, it works remarkably well with blue cheeses as well as not dominating softer cheeses like Goats cheese as well as firmer cheese like cheddar.

The Aussies refer to dessert wines like the Elysium Black Muscat “stickies”. They are often served as aperitifs as well as palate cleansers in between courses.

Andrew Quady has dedicated his life to creating the finest dessert wines and vermouths available and his massive success in these beverages makes him one of America’s foremost winemakers.

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