Fili Prosecco

Fili Prosecco

From Sacchetto

Fili Prosecco from Sacchetto is the award-winning sparkling wine that is named for the north eastern Prosecco region of Italy and the wine’s creator Filiberto Sacchetto. The delicately carbonated bears the flavors of apples, peaches and pears, which are also present in the bouquet along with a hint of floral.

The finish is dry with just a touch of citrus. The pale, straw-yellow wine is suitable for serving as an appetiser alone or with cheeses. Fili Prosecco also pairs well with a main meal consisting of chicken, fish or starchy foods. Filiberto’s son Paolo enjoys serving the wine with his favorite meals of chicken scarpariello or white bean soup.

The Process of Creating Fili Prosecco

The wine is created using green-skinned Glera grapes that are harvested and gently pressed horizontally, which ensures that the juice remains clear. The extract is then fermented in stainless steel tanks at temperatures ranging between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius.

The vintage next undergoes a second fermentation process with more yeast. The process occurs under controlled conditions in pressurized tanks in what is known as the Charmat method. Prosecco Fili Sacchetto received awards when presented at both the Decanter World Wine Awards and the International Wine Challenge.

History of Prosecco Wines

Prosecco is synonymous with sparkling wines crafted in northeastern Italy. The name is also recognized for being made with Glera grapes. Originally, the wine was considered nothing more than sweetened fizz. Many compared the vintage to Asti Spumanti. As the fermentation process became more refined, the wine evolved into affordable champagne. Less sugar is now needed to create the much finer bubbling effect.

The Cantina Sacchetto Winery

The winery was established in 1920 in the region known as Trebaseleghe. Here, the historic provinces of Padua, Treviso and Venice merge. Today, Filiberto operates the facility along with his son Paolo and daughter Beatrice. Sacchetto wines are found worldwide. However the Sacchetto Fili Prosecco is one of the newest wines that the facility manufactures.

The company is also known for the elegant bottles and packaging that was designed to express the friendly, innovative nature of the family. The bottles specifically used for the Fili Prosecco were created to appear contemporary and adventurous.

This wine is available by the single bottle or with case discounts from where you can also buy many of the other outstanding wines that Sacchetto Wines creates.


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