Il Pumo Primitivo from San Marzano

Il Pumo Primitivo

From San Marzano Wines

Those who are looking for seductive red wine that is intensely aromatic will want to sample the Il Pumo Primitivo wine from the famed San Marzano Winery. This winery spans across dozens of acres in a gorgeous and carefully selected location on gently rolling hills in southern Italy. It was originally founded more than six decades ago as a co-operative effort with less than two dozen growers and it has grown considerably over the years.

Today, this is one of the top wineries in the region, and it produces numerous varieties through the efforts of hundreds of co-operative growers. The Primitivo Il Pumo wine is one that should be at the top of your list to sample soon.

Il Pumo Primitivo

A Bold, Balanced Red Wine
Il Pumo Primitivo is produced from Primitivo grapes that are grown in a strategic area approximately 100 meters above sea level. The area is temperate and the soil has the ideal combination of clay and rocks to give the wine character.

The wine is aged for approximately five months in stainless steel tanks before being released to the public. The result is a wine that has a deep, rich color with subtle violet combinations. The flavour combines that of plum and cheery with vanilla, rosemary and other wines to create a perfectly bold yet balanced wine that many will love.

Pairing the Wine
As is the case with many types of red wines, Primitivo Il Pumo is an option that is best paired with red meats like beef. It also is well-rounded so that it can be paired with game meats, aged cheeses and other first course options to open your meal with. This is also an excellent wine choice for those who want to sip on a glass of wine in the evening to relax. Its smooth, full-bodied flavour is wonderful to enjoy as a stand-alone treat to unwind with at the end of the day.

San Marzano wines are in demand across Europe, and they can be purchased in many European stores with ease. Those who are interested in sampling the wines in other areas of the world may consider placing an order through the following websites.

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