Opal Ridge Gewurtztraminer Verdelho

Opal Ridge Gewurztraminer Verdelho White Wine

The Best Food Pairings for Opal Ridge Gewurztraminer Verdelho

While this Gewurztraminer Verdelho is lovely on its own, this savoury wine also pairs well with meals or evening appetisers. Choosing the right foods to pair with this wine helps all of the flavours to work together and create happiness in your mouth. Consider these pairings for your next bottle of Opal Ridge Gewurztraminer Verdelho.

opal ridge gewurztraminer verdelho

Because this wine is produced from grapes in Riverina (NSW) and from vineyards in South Australia and Victoria, its light intensity and fresh flavors make it a great accompaniment to fruit salads, compotes and fresh fruits. Serve the Opal Ridge Wine along with tropical fruits such as sliced mangoes, pineapple, tamarind and guava. This wine also pairs well with fruited desserts such as grilled pineapple upside down cake or spiced nut rolls.

Dairy Desserts
Opal Ridge Gewurztraminer Verdelho pairs well with dairy based desserts, such as flan, pudding, cheesecake, crème brulee and cream based pies. Caramel flan is a lovely pairing with this wine, as the light caramel flavors bring out the freshness of the wine. Rice, tapioca and bread puddings also work well with this beverage. Consider sprinkling some cinnamon and raisins into the pudding to match with the fruity undertones of the wine.

Plain or strawberry topped cheesecake would make luscious dessert pairing with the wine, as would a rich, chocolate mousse styled cheesecake. Coconut cream pie, with its tropical flavors, brings out the spicy parts and rich aromas of the Gewurztraminer Verdelho.

Asian Cuisine
The Gewurztraminer Verdelho wine’s spicy yet fruity and refreshing flavors pair well with all types of Asian cuisine. Try a glass along side of your favorite Thai or Vietnamese noodle based dishes, such as pad Thai or pad see ewe. This wine also goes well with spicier Asian American cuisine, Such as General Tso’s chicken with sticky rice, jalapeno chicken and sweet teriyaki based meat and noodle dishes.

You can also try this wine along with a customized stir fry. When paired with the freshly steamed and sautéed vegetables and spices of a stir fry meal, this wine’s flavors will be set off. This wine is also a great way to cleanse the palate after eating a spicy south Asian or Indian meal. Pair it with a spicy curried lamb dish for a complete and hearty meal that is sure to please.

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