The Black Shiraz VS Winemakers Reserve The Black Shiraz

The Black Shiraz VS The Winemakers Reserve The Black Shiraz what is the difference?

Bob Berton is a wily old winemaker and typical Aussie bloke who doesn’t care what the establishment says. He has created a storm recently with the launch of his Winemakers Reserve The Black Shiraz to go alongside his iconic The Black Shiraz.

Both wines have the characteristic Pewter Metal Label that has become like a brand for Berton Vineyards with many other varietals now being created under the Metal Label range.

The Black Shiraz & Winemakers Reserve The Black Shiraz

The Black Shiraz & Winemakers Reserve Black Shiraz


But what is the difference between these two Berton Black Shiraz and why have two wines that look almost the same and with similar names.

To get the answer we need to think back to the days of Threshers, remember them, the little wine shops in lots of UK towns. They used to sell the wine called The Black Shiraz. This was the Shiraz that was dedicated to the ‘off trade’ within the UK. The ‘on trade’ or restaurants and bars had the exact same wine but it was called Head Over Heels Black Shiraz. With the demise of Threshers the importers decided to delist the Head Over Heels range and keep the Metal Label Shiraz.

This wine quickly established itself in the ‘on trade’ and swiftly became one of the most represented wines in this sector.

Bob, like most winemakers wants to sell more of his wines and recently he added the Black Shiraz to one of the UK’s smaller supermarket chains. This decision has caused some levels of discontent in the on and off trade.

To counteract any dissent Bob created the Winemakers Reserve Black Shiraz. This brand new wine has a similar look but a very different taste. It has gone back to it’s roots as a big, bold, espresso of a wine just like the original Black Shiraz used to be.

The newer version has carefully selected grapes from the Padathway growing region and this has allowed Berton Vineyards to produce a wine that is both huge in terms of flavour but also soft and smooth in terms of tannins. The subtle use of oak adds to the complexity of this wine.

Winemakers Reserve The Black Shiraz

The Winemakers Reserve Black Shiraz from Bob Berton

The ABV% in both wines is still high at 14.5% and they are still both great examples of Shiraz but we prefer the latest version. It’s only when you taste them back to back that you get the true differences between these two fabulous Aussie Shiraz wines.

With the Winemakers Reserve Shiraz the grapes are from a specific region of Padathway whereas the Black Shiraz the grapes are sourced from a variety of regions within South Eastern Australia. This is regarded by some as a small detail but when you take grapes from a specific region you can really obtain great expression of the fruit produced.

All the Berton Wines are available at where they have been proudly selling Bob’s wines since 2000. We recommend you check the whole range out and see the magic that is coming out of Berton vineyards.

Here’s to Bob Berton and his team, long may they buck the trends and keep delivering us fantastic wines.

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